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Unsolicited applications

If you cannot find an available position that matches your profile, you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application. Please pick a relevant area below to apply.






We know how

We are almost 330 national and international colleagues with a fascination of the possibilities of a new material and a belief in the importance of knowledge sharing and a good collaboration in an internationally inspiring environment. We all play an important role in a small specialist company, and common to all of us is that we contribute to the development of renewable energy.


Our slogan is “WE KNOW HOW”, which reflects a technical and knowledge-intensive company with many exciting challenges. We are as global as we are local, and when we are not busy working, we have various employee events that strengthen us socially.

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Part of a greener future

We take responsibility and do what’s right for the environment. We do our utmost to use our resources efficiently and protect nature as much as possible. We are not the largest, but we are technology leaders. Our products are a technological prerequisite for wind turbine blades to get longer in order to generate more energy, and so, we play an important role within renewable energy.

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An attractive workplace

At Fiberline Composites we are more than 330 dedicated employees, each passionate about our contribution to the entirety. We are engineers, technicians, operators, salesmen, plastics processing operators, and a whole lot of other things. We believe that many different types of people and professional profiles at the workplace promote learning, creativity, and innovation. Common to us is that we are specialists in each our fields and share a fascination with the possibilities of a new material.


Fiberline Composites is a tolerant workplace where your professional strength and your enthusiasm are crucial to whether you fit in with us. We highly value diligence, thoroughness, and interaction, and we trust that you have the courage to make decisions in an everyday life that is often hectic. You will therefore have plenty of responsibility from day one.


Once you have joined the team, you will experience good support from both colleagues and management. As a medium-sized company the decision-making process is short and the ability to implement changes is great. So, if you thrive on alterations and want to see progress, Fiberline Composites is a great place to be.

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Our tradition of collaborating with schools and universities around the world has proven to benefit both students and Fiberline Composites. When you are in a trainee period or for instance writing a thesis on Fiberline, you will gain insight into our company and test your theoretical knowledge in practice. We take the time to onboard you so you can stay safe with us. In return, we expect you to contribute your insight and commitment.

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Career development opportunities

At Fiberline Composites, we give high priority to development, and so you get the optimal setting for developing professionally and personally. You interact with skilled colleagues, who are all specialists in each their fields.


No matter which department you are in, you are constantly given new tasks that you will eventually help define yourself. In this way, we ensure that your development takes place in a field that you find exciting.


We also want to ensure that you expand your competencies continuously, and therefore we offer ongoing conversations where we talk about your professional and personal development.